Carlos Lijeron

Carlos Lijeron

Carlos Lijeron is an Information Technology generalist and IT project manager.  He holds over 25 technical certifications and has over 20 years of experience in the field implementing solutions for network services, data storage, video conferencing, security, cloud computing, virtualization.  Currently he is managing a High Performance Compute Cluster at Hunter College, CUNY for Bioinformatics Analysis.

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First off, I need to clarify that the PMP exam is not easy, but not impossible either.  With a proper strategy, you should get your certification just like I did.   I have to be honest, though, the first time I took the exam I failed miserably and did not even get 1 out of 5 sections with a passing grade. I could not even finish the exam within the 4 hour limit; I was exhausted, and I have to admit that my brain bailed on me that day half way through the 200 questions.


So, I went home to reevaluate why this happened and I realized that there were  3 reasons I could think of:  Lack of useful study guides,  lack of proper study methodology and lack of practice exams.


To tackle these problems as a project manager, I took an entire week to review materials, read feedback from people who passed the exam, joined discussion forums and began to build my plan.   Below is my plan and resources that helped me pass the PMP exam the second time.


Maricar Infante | VA / Remote Executive Assistant
Carlos Lijeron Written by September 16

My role  is to provide reliable business support assistance for multiple administrative tasks, including Internet research, document management, social platforms support, blog and newsletter creation.   Our division is capable of completing  tasks in relatively short time without compromising quality.

Raul Morales | Network Administrator
Carlos Lijeron Written by September 16

I am an IT Administrator providing remote support for various operating systems, network appliances, and disaster recovery applications.

My job is to help manage, maintain, and support clients remotely while performing updates/upgrades, security design and testing and applying adjustments to ensure proper functions of IT services.

I am familiar with various environments, including UNIX, Linux, Windows and MAC OS. I normally assist remote clients with web services deployments, schedule maintenance tasks, backup rotations, installation of 3rd party tools and network documentation.    I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and various technical certifications, including     Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Polycom and many more.


Carlos Lijeron | IT Senior Specialist
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I am very passionate about technology and my goal is to help you implement it efficiently to improve your business operations and productivity. 

Web Development and Design
Carlos Lijeron Written by July 06

There is a fine overlap between a web designer and a web developer, but technically both are different professions and have important roles in the implementation of a fully functional website.  As a client you should know the differences and determine when you need to hire a designer or a developer.

Securing your Windows Network
Carlos Lijeron Written by August 05

Securing your Windows network is a necessity that must be addressed in every Information Technology meeting in order to find ways to strengthen the network and develop policies to ensure the integrity of everyone's account and sensitive corporate data.

Why  should you consider and E-Commerce Strategy
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An E-Commerce strategy should be a primary focus when building or re-designing a website.   With the advent of mobile devices the number of potential customers has increased exponentially over the past few years which means more potential sales for your business.

Center for Translational and Basic Research
Carlos Lijeron Written by July 22

About this Project

Implement a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 solution to converge cloud based services, Windows 8.1 Pro, Office 365, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure.

This project required the upgrade to Windows Server and server consolidation for other services, such as DHCP, DNS and Exchange Services.   This consolidation should be scalable, well supported, cost effective and efficiently by providing remote access to local services.  Also, there should be compatibility with other Linux-based servers already part of the network.

As a key component of our Hybrid solution we proposed the implementation of Windows Server R2 which already includes virtualization services.  This helped consolidate services  to manage a smaller number of servers.  We also implemented a replication policy as a recovery solution in order to keep all services backed up and ready if disaster strikes. Contrary to traditional backup, our disaster recovery solution keeps replicas of entire servers, including applications which can be restored very easilly in a matter of minutes.

Remote users wanting to connect to local resources can now do so from their home desktops, laptops and mobile devices.  This access contributed to employee satisfaction and retention, enabled real-time collaboration across multiple platforms, and provided access to the same storage repositories which avoided versioning conflicts or lost items.  Because all the data is centrally located, remote users were not responsible for any data breach as a result of lost or stolen items.    

Our basic solution least to a higher scalability and performance, uptime availability of services, disaster recovery implementation, enhanced and centralized storage, and easily managed remote access.  On the local desktops we implemented trusted boot, fingerprint support, device encryption and Bitlocker to prevent any type of unauthorized access by anyone else except the organization's employee.    Mobile devices were also secured using various methods, including fingerprinting, password access, and group policy access at the server level.

Currently our team supports and monitors this implementation remotely and make adjustments as new requirements arise.

CTFotografie Website re-design
Carlos Lijeron Written by July 19

About this Project

This project required a website re-design from a Joomla based content management system (CMS) to Wordpress, the leading CMS for blogs and enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Although the previous website had many great features and included a custom connector to export mailing list registrations to, it still lacked some functionality and it was a bit difficult for the content manager to get around the editing and publishing workflow.


The new design required the following features:

⊰ Responsive design and mobile enabled

⊰ Retina ready for sharp images in mobile devices

⊰ Multiple gallery layouts

⊰ Support for WordPress Multilingual plugin

⊰ Built-in shortcodes

⊰ Password protected galleries

⊰ Typography supported by Google Fonts

This project was completed in 2 months, including exporting and importing content into the new site, resizing images to fit the new framework and performing all tests in various browsers and mobile devices.

The new site has a fresh look with greater emphasis on visual representation of photographic style.  There is a direct connection to Mailchimp to manage subscriptions and promotions.  Also, the various shortcodes allow the site administrator to efficiently and effortlessly create custom WordPress pages with various functions.  A content builder also provides additional flexibility when creating custom pages with no programming experience.



Corporate Identity Package
Carlos Lijeron Written by July 19

About this Project

This is one of many similar projects which required creating custom designed logo and a corporate identity package.  The package included letterhead, invoices, envelopes, folder, business cards, and  CD ROM design.   At the end of the project we provide all the source code in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator CS5/CS6. 

Our initial step is to conduct a short interview with the client to understand the image the company tries to portrait.  Whether it is a restaurant, a flower shop, a consulting business, every industry has a specific type of service, thus the logo and creative design must contain elements to represent the service and image of the organization.

The next step is to select the color scheme using the Adobe Kuler Tool; this helps us determine the best color combination that will represent the organization.    Often at least 6 mockups are provided for the logo only to ensure we capture the essence of the organization and services. Once the client approves one mockup we make any adjustments as required.   The next step is to complete the corporate identity package.

This type of projects often take 2 weeks for completion.