IT Project Management

First off, I need to clarify that the PMP exam is not easy, but not impossible either.  With a proper strategy, you should get your certification just like I did.   I have to be honest, though, the first time I took the exam I failed miserably and did not even get 1 out of 5 sections with a passing grade. I could not even finish the exam within the 4 hour limit; I was exhausted, and I have to admit that my brain bailed on me that day half way through the 200 questions.


So, I went home to reevaluate why this happened and I realized that there were  3 reasons I could think of:  Lack of useful study guides,  lack of proper study methodology and lack of practice exams.


To tackle these problems as a project manager, I took an entire week to review materials, read feedback from people who passed the exam, joined discussion forums and began to build my plan.   Below is my plan and resources that helped me pass the PMP exam the second time.


Information Technology Project Management is often an underestimated area and many IT projects fail due to to improper utilization of resources, planning or failure to balance cost, time and scope of work.  This principle is called the Triple constraint which is the equilibrium among these areas in order to achieve project success and quality.