Why should you consider and E-Commerce Strategy

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An E-Commerce strategy should be a primary focus when building or re-designing a website.   With the advent of mobile devices the number of potential customers has increased exponentially over the past few years which means more potential sales for your business.

Among the obvious benefits of a merchant to have an online E-Commerce website, the customer also benefits because he/she is not limited by distance  and does not need to incur in any travel time.   Shopping of essential or personal items can be done 24x7 from the comfort on one's home, office or even while on the road.    This is a truly revolutionary process the fact that any individual can engage into a financial transaction exchanging money for goods and services instantly from any location at any time.

Because it is cheaper overall to sell online than selling the same item in a retail store due to overhead costs, the savings are passed on to customers which creates a positive feedback system engaging customers in online shopping behavior.

Another advantage is the nich market. If you sell products for which the target market is small, then  an online E-Commerce solution is for you.  Not only it is best to sell online because selected customers can reach you easily, but it is also targeted which can be of great benefit when promoting through social channels and marketing campaigns. 

From the customer's perspective, an online store provides means for comparative analysis, price comparison, better purchasing decisions, and opportunities to acquire similar or related items.

From the seller's perspective, an online store centralizes and automates a number of operations, including invoicing, shipping, tracking, payment processing.  It also reduces expenses in many ways by lowering the overall management cost of running a traditional store, decreased use of resources, lower operating costs and better customer satisfaction.

In short, an E-Commerce solution is the Business to Customer (B2C) model that will dominate the current and future market challenging the traditional way of doing business.  Even if you still maintain your store front, setting up an online presence will only provide many more benefits.

At Azulia Consulting we  have trained IT professionals that can help you setup your E-Commerce solution effortlessly. Do not hesitate to  contact us with any question you may have.


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Carlos Lijeron

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Carlos Lijeron is an Information Technology generalist and IT project manager.  He holds over 25 technical certifications and has over 20 years of experience in the field implementing solutions for network services, data storage, video conferencing, security, cloud computing, virtualization.  Currently he is managing a High Performance Compute Cluster at Hunter College, CUNY for Bioinformatics Analysis.

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