Securing your Windows Network

Written by  August 05

Securing your Windows network is a necessity that must be addressed in every Information Technology meeting in order to find ways to strengthen the network and develop policies to ensure the integrity of everyone's account and sensitive corporate data.

Not only Viruses, Trojan, Rootkits, Worms or Bots are the enemy, but a new breed of applications called Malware are constantly terrorizing Windows networks and stealing information from corporations and individuals. Most of the activity begins when a username and password are compromised and then corporate data, personal data, employee time, and productivity are compromised.  Malware distribution is based on email attachments, pirated software, malicious websites, adult content sites, and sites with false security messages that call for user action.   

Therefore, our first line of defense against this type of attacks is users education and awareness training followed by strict security policies to prevent unauthorized access of certain websites.   Data encryption, firewall rules, VPN access, and all other security protocols must be in place to complement the more stringent user's security policies.

In addition, having a proactive solution against viruses, including a centralized scanning mechanism with rules, application layer filtering, content analysis, monitoring and reporting will help you keep malicious sites and content at bay.  Servers must all be protected and continually pass random security tests and virus simulations to ensure proper action is taking place. Most of these activities can be configured automatically followed by email alerts sent to the administration and security team. 

Keeping up with security updates, antivirus and Malware policies and Active Directory group policies and limited access to external resources will help you maintain a healthy network to serve your business and your production team. Saving some money in continuous maintenance and security plans may be a costly mistake down the line.

At Azulia we can provide proactive solutions to keep your network free of  Malware, Viruses and other harmful applications.   We can help you manage, maintain and implement pro-active solutions to help you run your business more secure and efficient.



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Carlos Lijeron

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Carlos Lijeron is an Information Technology generalist and IT project manager.  He holds over 25 technical certifications and has over 20 years of experience in the field implementing solutions for network services, data storage, video conferencing, security, cloud computing, virtualization.  Currently he is managing a High Performance Compute Cluster at Hunter College, CUNY for Bioinformatics Analysis.

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