E-Commerce Solutions

The world of E-Commerce has evolved so rapidly that it is even more difficult to know where it will be in the next few years.   But, certainly we are in a very interesting time where any retailer, small, medium or big can have an extension of their business online  in a very short time.   Many platforms support online e-commerce, automated payment systems, multiple currencies, but in our opinion one of the best options at this time is Shopify. At  Azulia we have deployed and currently support various Shopify shops which are based on the latest technology, security and flexibility for the business owners.

Whether you wish to increase your number of buyers, extend to other markets, increase your business income and have a store front that is open 24x7, then let's us help you build that solution on the Shopify framework.

If you currently have a store in an existing platform but are paying too much in hosting, bank fees and the system does not provide the security you and your customers need, we can help you as well by migrating your existing site into the new framework. We don't stop until your store has passed all the quality control checks and after a highly targeted marketing campaign.   Our team will help you achieve the following


✦ Evaluate your requirements and store needs (brand new, migration, or breaking into a new market)

✦ Organize your business process so that you can determine the human resources needed to support the e-commerce site

✦ Implement the solution based on requirements

✦ Design and build the proper marketing strategy while evaluating site access, and monitoring the campaigns

✦ Add new content and ensure the site is appealing to the target demographic your are trying to reach


Give us a call and we'll gladly help you achieve your e-commerce goals and initiatives.