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Custom Web Development

At Azulia we provide our clients with an extensive array of web development services, including flexible content management systems,  add on tools, custom tools, integrated customer databases, search engine optimization, support for mobile websites and security.

We also provide support for shopping cart systems based on WordPress Woo commerce, Virtuemart for Joomla, or the independent Shopify platform.  These services range from custom development themes, content integration, payment system integration and maintenance.

Give us a call to discuss your specific requirement and we can custom tailor a solution based on your budget, timeline and requirements.  Our main goal is to provide all the technical support you need so you can run your business more efficiently.

Content Management Systems: We mainly work with Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Omeka.   This is because these offer an easy to use environment for the end users providing a familiar platform for content creation.   A CMS provides consistent navigation and structure which makes the final product more professional to the site visitor.  In addition a CMS provides an incredible workflow management that is easy to understand and use.   All the data is centralized in a single database which is more efficient for backup and restore purposes.  In addition these frameworks provide shared resources, remote access, cross browser compatibility, high level of security and a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) core. 

Add-on Tools: With virtually thousands of possible website add-ons, our job is to help you define which add-ons will enhance your website and facilitate navigation by the end users.  We test, integrate and support add-ons for your site ranging from access and security to calendars, e-commerce, marketing, photo galleries, site management, communities and much more. 

Custom Tools: If for any reason existing add-ons are not available to support a specific function, our team of developers will custom write a module or plug-in for your website.  This is the case in many organization where specific business processes have evolved over time.  When it is difficult to change, we can integrate a custom tool to maintain the same level of efficiency without affecting overall productivity.  We can also implement a similar system and test pilot a small group of users if the final plan is complete migration.

Integrated customer databases: Weather you are migrating from an existing Customer relationship management system (CRM) or simply need to integrate your existing employee and customer database of users into the new web based Content Management System, we can provide the support to manage, control and verify the migration, data export and import. 

Search Engine Optimization: An important aspect of a website is that it is easily accessible by users looking for your products and/or services.   Besides the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we will carefully plan and implement, we also provide a thorough review of your final website, ensure your site is crawled by Google system, and integrate common webmaster guidelines to ensure your site is responsive, fast, and easily found through specific keywords.  In addition we'll complement your marketing campaign efforts by facilitating content for your landing pages.

Mobile Website Support: Nowadays it is crucial for websites to support mobile units.  For this reason all of our implementations are supported by mobile frameworks, such as Helix, Bootstrap, or Zen grid.  This helps website owners to reach the mobile audience which is critical for some Business-to-Customers (B2C) such as restaurants, bars, or other local retailers that rely on local shoppers. 

Security: No site should ever be left alone and this means that constant monitoring and security updates must be applied on a regular basis. From the hosting setup, to file permissions, our aim is to ensure the data integrity and safety of your web presence.  Some websites are inevitably hacked or defaced, therefore a proper contingency plan must be in place for backup and restore in case of a security failure.   Our aim is to prevent any attacks, but if they occur we should activate our backup plan followed by enhanced security.


Marketing Strategies

E-Marketing is a very broad term that covers solutions for Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C), Customers to Customers (C2C), and more. The objectives range from brand building, re-branding, Web 2.0, new marketing models, community and social networks, mobile advertising, re-purposing content, convergence and integrated campaigns.

If all of this sound unfamiliar to you, do not worry because we are here to help you. A common plan is to evaluate the efforts you are currently taking and determine the changes and additions to be made. Depending on your target audience, your marketing budget, we can then integrate a solution based on solid objectives, strategies, tactics and actions that are measurable along the way.

We are living the age of the customer where empowered buyers go far beyond than the traditional competitive advantage of large corporations. Customers are more knowledgeable and conscious about their expending. You goal then is to be closer to your customer engaging and staying connected. You should draw more inside data and make your customer needs the number 1 goal. The challenge then is to determine what program or technique to implement to achieve all these goals which can eventually turn into sales and happy customers. Our personalized approach will take us in that direction and our main focus will be on achieving awareness by implementing strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media exposure, Pay Per Click initiatives (PPC), etc. leading to customer engagement. We can measure customer engagement on your behalf by determining the bounce rate of your web presence, the number of page views, and frequency of visits. Along this we custom tailor your newsletters, blogs, and product pages to make them more "sticky" and engaging. The idea to go around the loop by building awareness, engaging the user and lead to a final conversion.

Our E-Marketing strategy focuses on communicating or promoting a service or new image that carries a value to the targeted audience. We use various channels to distribute this information based on the product, service or image portrayed. This creates a dynamic dialog with the customer by allowing the customer to post reviews, fill out surveys, submit emails to the vendor (you), etc. This dialog permits the vendor anticipate customer needs and understand what works and what does not; it allows to build a customer profile to focus the efforts, thus increasing the total return on investment because the marketing is now targeted. On the other hand, the customer is satisfied by the interaction and the value added service.

Let us help you move forward by implementing a custom e-marketing strategy and start building that Business to Customer relationship.


Our E-Marketing strategy focuses on communicating or promoting a service or new image that carries a value to the targeted audience.   We use various channels to distribute this information based on the product, service or image portraited. This creates a dynamic dialog with the customer by allowing the customer to post reviews, fill out surveys, submit emails to the vendor (you), etc.  This dialog permits the vendor anticipate customer needs and understand what works and what does not; it allows to build a customer profile to focus the efforts, thus increasing the total return on investment because the marketing is now targeted.   On the other hand, the customer is satisfied  by the interaction and the value added service.

Let us help you move forward by implementing a custom e-marketing strategy and start builiding that Business to Customer relationship.


E-Commerce Solutions

The world of E-Commerce has evolved so rapidly that it is even more difficult to know where it will be in the next few years.   But, certainly we are in a very interesting time where any retailer, small, medium or big can have an extension of their business online  in a very short time.   Many platforms support online e-commerce, automated payment systems, multiple currencies, but in our opinion one of the best options at this time is Shopify. At  Azulia we have deployed and currently support various Shopify shops which are based on the latest technology, security and flexibility for the business owners.

Whether you wish to increase your number of buyers, extend to other markets, increase your business income and have a store front that is open 24x7, then let's us help you build that solution on the Shopify framework.

If you currently have a store in an existing platform but are paying too much in hosting, bank fees and the system does not provide the security you and your customers need, we can help you as well by migrating your existing site into the new framework. We don't stop until your store has passed all the quality control checks and after a highly targeted marketing campaign.   Our team will help you achieve the following


✦ Evaluate your requirements and store needs (brand new, migration, or breaking into a new market)

✦ Organize your business process so that you can determine the human resources needed to support the e-commerce site

✦ Implement the solution based on requirements

✦ Design and build the proper marketing strategy while evaluating site access, and monitoring the campaigns

✦ Add new content and ensure the site is appealing to the target demographic your are trying to reach


Give us a call and we'll gladly help you achieve your e-commerce goals and initiatives.


Remote Network Support

IT Governance is the relationship between the stakeholders decision process and the IT management department.  Both are crucial for proper business operations and for the implementation of best practices for all IT related tasks.  This process includes building strong partnerships, trust, structure, regulatory bodies, and aligning these to make better decisions, reach goals, incorporate planning and project management strategies when deploying software, hardware or both.

Unfortunately not many organizations have a strong IT Governance mainly because they lack a properly formed Information Systems Team or department.   This is where Azulia Consulting comes to help by leveraging your existing resources and complementing the IT support your organization requires.     We can help your organization make proper IT related investments, take priority decisions based on your business needs and future projections.  As your organization is already doing by in-sourcing various services from other companies (i.e: shipping services, payroll, etc), you can also insource our services to complement the existing IT department or to create one from scratch.   Having an IT department, whether local or remote, is a big step towards business success because you can focus all your resources to improve your own internal operations and services while we prodive the support needed in the IT department.   We can provide support for the following services remotely or in-house:

  • Data Management: In terms of data management, our goal is to develop measurable controls, and implement structure to data control in order to reach the vision, mission and goals of the organization. This structure includes a business plan for the use of IT services and strategic plan for IT governance so that data is managed, stored and handle according to the organization's policy.  Whether  encryption is required, or specific back-end servers to store data, our management services will help you make the right decision and implement policies, procedures and methods for proper data management.
  • Hardware maintenance services: Our goal is preventive maintenance and being proactive against any potential threat. Our initial evaluation is conducted to identify and determine potential threats, and enabling high security across every workstation and server in the organization.  Every port is vulnerable if it is not monitored, therefore we disable unecessary services that may cause problems in the future.  Our regular monitoring services allow to detect failured before they actually happen and remedy issues on the spot.
  • Help desk support: If your organization requires a single point of contact for IT support we are able to cover IT processes, technology services, information management, and end user requirements.  We can setup internal web-based support portals so that end users could submit their requests into a queue  for further issue tracking. We can also setup training workshops and write documentation to ensure proper understanding of IT services and the expected outcome from each user.
  • IT monitoring: Implementing a unified monitoring system is essential in order to keep issues under control   This includes monitoring of applications, hardware, end-users issues, etc, so that users  and productivity are not accepted, or if the do the impact is very little.  Most importantly, IT monitoring should be flexible, easy to use and accessible to our remote technicians.
  • Network Services: Network services are an integral part of every organization nowadays; whether it is a small, medium or large, computer networks are often the backbone of communication and the most widely use tool for communication within the organization and with outside customer and suppliers.  Our approach is to customize your network services by providing a complete management approach that includes planning, design, integration and deployment services followed by a management and support service.  The idea is to reduce the total cost of ownership of the existing equipment and services by increasing productivity within the organization and having a minimum down time.
  • System Integration: Azulia Consulting could be your best technology partner who can help you deploy technologies  and solutions in networking,  IT cabling, fiber optic, wireless solutions, encryption services, domain management, and other turnkey solutions.  Our systems integration department will help you implement security solutions for your organization, compliance services, unified communication platforms and video conferencing technolgies based on H.323, H.264 and related protocols.
  • IT Security: Initially we may start with an assesment followed by an Information Technology awareness campaign so that all end users understand their reponsibilities to maintain the network secure. Out IT security solution will not only protect you against intrusion over the Internet, but also against logic bombs, trojan horses brough in-house, email hacks, phishing emails, pharming, botnet, network instrusions, rootkit, malwares and other types of potential hackings.   
  • IT Project Management: Our project management department can help you implement a hybrid approach for managing IT related projects in your organization.  In one way we can implement the waterfall model where all requirements and dependencies are identified combined with incremental and evolutionary models where a constant flow of outcomes drive the next phase of the project. Our goal is to mitigate any  type of risk and identify risk before it ever affects the project.    Our approach begins with planning, analysis and prior to implementation various design phases are evaluated.   Design phases help us shape the outcome for implementation leading to proper monitoring and control of the final product or service.   This is the unique approach of Azulia Consulting.