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I am very passionate about technology and my goal is to help you implement it efficiently to improve your business operations and productivity. 

Since the early 1990's when the Internet was mainly a small number of computers connected through USNET groups, I've been involved in exchanging ideas, implementing solutions and helping others get on board.  25 years I am still doing the same, but now with the support of large communities, software vendors, excellent hardware system and best management practices.

I have to say that I'm very surprised how the entire system has evolved so rapidly and the adoption process that took only a few years to occur.   For this reason it is important to understand what solutions to implement that will cause a positve impact in the near future even when changes occur. One common solution is to understand the requirements so that we can select the correct tools and solutions for implementation.    It is also important to evaluate the skillsets of your existing workforce to ensure everyone will be adapt to the new technology. 

My desire is to use the many years of experience in technology services to make you more productive and independent.  When technology is applied correctly it surely will take a lot of burden off your shoulders; so our focus is automation, replication and validation whenever an IT solution is implemented.   | FacebookLinkedIn 

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Carlos Lijeron

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Carlos Lijeron is an Information Technology generalist and IT project manager.  He holds over 25 technical certifications and has over 20 years of experience in the field implementing solutions for network services, data storage, video conferencing, security, cloud computing, virtualization.  Currently he is managing a High Performance Compute Cluster at Hunter College, CUNY for Bioinformatics Analysis.

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